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The next HL7® FHIR® Connectathon will take place in Baltimore, Maryland & virtually on September 17-18. Register before August 26th to profit from the Early Bird Rate!

The Vulcan / Gravitate Health – ePI/IPS track is Phase 4 of an ongoing series, spanning multiple Connectathons, to test the creation, exchange and display of electronic Product information (ePI) and the International Patient Summary (IPS) as FHIR Documents.
Each phase will include increased numbers of product information and increasingly complex healthcare/life scenarios.

Track Objective is to test and gather feedback on the following:

  • Draft Core ePI Implementation Guide before ballot
  • Core ePI Profile vs national/regional profiles
  • G-Lens business rules and its connection to HL7 accelerators besides Vulcan
  • Gravitate Health Federated Open-Source Platform and Services (FOSPS) a’ version and its support to end-to-end scenarios.

The track is supported by Gravitate Health, the EU funded project UNICOM, and supports the ePI pilot project at the European Medicines Agency.

Stay tuned to find out more about the agenda for ePI track Phase 4.


Check the agenda, displayed in CEST:

DAY 1: Monday, May 2

13:00-14:30, Kickoff: Presentation of the ePI (Phase 3) track to participants

DAY 2: Tuesday, May 3

14:00-15:00, Touchpoint 1: Discuss sample data and scenario walkthrough.

15:00-18:00, Work offline Session 1: Build/test/validate (teams work on their own, mentors available).

18:00-19:00, Touchpoint 2: Review developments from offline work.

19:00-21:00, Work offline Session 2: Build/test/validate (teams work on their own, mentors available).

21:00-22:00, Touchpoint 3: Recap of first day.

DAY 3: Wednesday, May 4

14:00-15:00, Touchpoint 4: Review plan for the day.

15:30-16:30, Work Offline Session 4: Build/test/validate (teams work on their own, mentors available).

16:30-17:30, Touchpoint 5: Review work session, discuss feedback, results, IG changes.

17:30-19:00, Wrap up session 5.

The Vulcan/Gravitate Health track will be led by
Catherine Chronaki, HL7 Europe, Gravitate Health use case mentor, Craig Anderson, Track Lead, Pfizer, technical mentor, labeling, and Jens Villadsen, Gravitate Health, technical mentor.

Phase 3 plans are still taking shape but here is a preview of what we are planning:

  • new scenario from UNICOM and an EMA search scenario involving a list of ePIs;
  • instances for European, US and Japanese Patient Leaflets; and
  • introduce a first draft of the Vulcan Core ePI profile; i.e., a harmonized foundation for all national and regional structured labels.

Who is who in the Vulcan/Gravitate Health ePI track

Craig Anderson, Track Lead, Pfizer, technical mentor, labeling

Amy Cramer, Vulcan Co-Lead, Pfizer

Anne Moen, Gravitate Health Coordinator, use case mentor,

Jens Kristian Villandsen, Trifork, Gravitate Health, technical mentor

Petter Hurlen, MD, PhD, Gravitate Health, technical/clinical mentor

Esther Peelen, NICTIZ, Unicom Project liaison

Giorgio Cangioli, HL7 Europe, HL7 FHIR IPS mentor

Rob Hausam, HL7 FHIR IPS mentor

Gustavo Rodriguez, EMA, ePI standard technical mentor,

Achilleas Voutsas, EMA, ePI standard technical mentor

Philippe Michiels, Datapharm, ePI technical mentor

Evinn Drysys, AEMPS, ePI technical mentor

Catherine Chronaki, HL7 Europe, Gravitate Health use case mentor

Michael van Campen, Vulcan Project Manager

Beverly Buckta, Pfizer, Gravitate Health use case mentor

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