Dipak Kalra, PhD, FRCGP, FBCS, is President of i~HD. He plays a leading international role in research and development of Electronic Health Records, including development of ISO standards on EHR interoperability, personal health records, EHR requirements. He has contributed to several EHR security and confidentiality standards. Dipak has led multiple Horizon 2020 and IMI projects in these areas, alongside pharma companies, hospitals, and ICT companies. He recently co-led a €16m project on the re-use of EHR information for clinical research, EHR4CR, alongside ten global pharma. He was a partner in another IMI project, EMIF, on the federating multiple population health and cohort studies. Dipak also led an EU Network of Excellence on semantic interoperability and is a partner in other EU projects including the development of real-world evidence to support treatment decisions in pregnancy, patient centric clinical trial design, multi-morbidity and promoting the adoption of IDMP. Dipak is Professor of Health Informatics at University College London and Visiting Professor of Health Informatics at the University of Gent.