UAG contributes “Patient Voice” & independent Advisory Groups―IAB, ELAB―provide strategic input, support the project in meeting its objectives.

User Advisory Group (UAG)

Selected patients, carers and lay people, were recruited from various age groups and cultural settings to form the User Advisory Group and bring to the project their valued experience or expertise, and “Patient Voice”.

The UAG informs Gravitate Health activities from a user perspective and helps to identify mechanisms for meaningful patient and public involvement and input throughout the project.

UAG members play a major role in identifying and understanding the key user needs of the Gravitate Lens (G-Lens) platform that will be developed during the project and will contribute to validate the tools. The group now counts 20 members. 

Meet the UAG members

Ethics and Legal Advisory Board

ELAB’s role is to oversee all work involving human subjects. This Board will ensure the Gravitate Health project abides by all ethical rules, applicable laws and agreements, and guide on the best corrective procedures to follow (if needed). ELAB will also contribute to real-world outputs with relevance and impact on European and global levels.

The Ethics and Legal Advisory board comprises three independent members in addition to Gravitate Health Project Coordinator, Lead, and PM. The Board is chaired by Petra Wilson, HIMSS – Gravitate Health.

Meet the ELAB members