Gravitate Health Coordination Team have defined roles, part of the project management structure.

Project Coordinator

The Coordinator works closely with the Project Lead and Project Manager to set policies, strategies and plans, and to review performance. Project Coordinator is subject to decisions of the General Assembly and Steering Committee.

Prof. Anne Moen, UiO, leads Gravitate Health project. Her role is to encourage and motivate partners, ensuring the project is aligned with the mission and purpose. Being the main interface to IMI is part of her role.

Prof. Anne Moen, UiO
Dr. Giovanna Ferrari, Pfizer

Project Lead

The Project Lead working alongside the Coordinator, will focus on driving the Gravitate Health consortium to deliver on the needs of the funding industry partners and provides representation for their interests at the highest level of the consortium management. This role includes the development of strategies and overseeing the implementation plans for all project activities.

Dr. Giovanna Ferrari, Pfizer is Project Lead for Gravitate Health. The Project Lead will have a major impact on project success, being at the heart of strategic and project planning and will be the main consortium representative at EFPIA meetings and other industry forums.

Project Manager

The consortium has appointed a dedicated Project Manager, Ms. Line Løw, UiO, who has administrative management tasks.

Ms. Line Løw, UiO
Product Owner
João Almeida, HL7 Portugal

João Almeida is the Product Owner, a role which is crucial in defining the product vision, while overseeing and supporting the technical developments and integrating all work packages in order to create an impactful, accessible, and secure eHealth application that resonates in today’s rapidly evolving digital world.

Coordination Leads

Coordination Leads ensure synergies, assist in managing inter-dependencies and facilitate cross-sectional alignment in and between the main workstreams within Gravitate Health. They come from the public and industry partners in equal numbers.

Coordination Leads focus on specific areas of importance for the Project, as a) technical, b) interoperability, c) sustainability and innovation, d) dissemination and communication, e) ethical/legal, and f) regulatory and product information.

The Project Coordinator, Project Lead, and Project Manager are The Project Coordination Team (PCT), that will be resolving day-to-day issues throughout the Project, and where necessary will be referring to the Steering Committee.