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University College Dublin (UCD) is one of Europe’s leading research-intensive universities, where a comprehensive suite of strong disciplines forms the foundation of high-quality interdisciplinary research, scholarship and innovation. UCD is the national leader in research funding, attracting quality investment that has helped the university to establish a reputation as a world-class destination for leading researchers.

UCD is ranked within the top 1% of higher education institutions worldwide. UCD is Ireland’s largest University and Ireland’s most globally engaged university with over 33,000 students drawn from 144 countries, including almost 4,000 students based at locations outside of Ireland.
Our tasks
in the project

UCD will be active in disseminating KPIs developed in Task 1.4, and will be active in WP4, and WP6 as the lead for the work in one of the testing scenarios on young people with complex needs.

Our contribution to the project

Open Evidence counts with nearly 10-year experience in delivering behavioural studies for the European Commission. Our expertise relies on behavioural and social sciences (experimental and quasi-experimental design) and big data analysis and modelling.

Prof Maria Brenner, Professor of Children’s Nursing is experienced in leading large multidisciplinary teams. This includes a current 5-year project funded by the European Research Council to explore the initiation of technology dependence in children with complex care needs (TechChild). She previously led the development of the first standards of care for children with complex care needs in Europe as part of the Models of Child Health Appraised (MOCHA) project, funded by the EU Commission Horizon 2020.

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