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HL7’S 29th FHIR Connectathon: ePI Track Phase 2 starts on Monday.

On January 10-12, 2022, during the next HL7® FHIR® Connectathon, we are hosting Phase 2 of the Vulcan / Gravitate Health Electronic Product Information (ePI) track.

The vision of Gravitate Health/Vulcan accelerator is to define a common structure for product information that improves the patient experience and supports interoperability across the healthcare community. ePI Track Phase 2 builds towards this vision by incorporating lessons learned from connectathon 28, in September 2021. Specifically, our objective is to test and explore more complex real-world scenarios where new medication –prescribed or OTC– is introduced; additional FHIR resources; and more advanced medicinal product leaflets and focusing health information in different modalities and languages.

We are looking for app developers, electronic health record vendors, business developers, and pharmaceutical companies interested in developing ideas and solutions at the 29th HL7 FHIR Connectathon (virtual event), 10-12 January 2022.

Real world scenarios
We are introducing Helen, who travels regularly cross borders, and encounter a situation where she requires an over-the-counter supplement / medication on one of the travels. The question is to find an OTC that solves the problem, use information to assess if it is safe to use, and does not create additional issues.

We will meet Maria again, who has been prescribed a new medication following a recently diagnosed condition. Starting with ePI information perceived as important when starting a new medication, and health care facts about Maria, we aim to explore how to focus information in the ePI for a dynamic and relevant user experience.

Vulcan / Gravitate Health Track Kickoff is on Monday, January 10, 05:00 pm-06:00 pm CET, where the ePI (Phase 2) track will be presented to the participants.

Find out more on the virtual 29th HL7 FHIR Connectathon and Vulcan / Gravitate Health track and detailed Agenda:
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Check the agenda, displayed in CET:

DAY 1: Monday, January 10

17:00-18:00, Kickoff: Presentation of the ePI (Phase 2) track to FCAT29 participants

DAY 2: Tuesday, January 11

15:00-15:30, Touchpoint 1: Intro and orientation Review scenarios, IG and day plan of action.

15:30-17:30, Build/Test/Validate 1: Build/test/validate (teams work on their own, mentors available)

20:00-22:00, Build/Test/Validate 2: Build/test/validate (teams work on their own, mentors available).

22:00-24:00, Touchpoint 3: Recap of first Day.

DAY 3: Wednesday, January 12

15:00-15:30, Touchpoint 4: Review Day 2 and orientation for day 3

15:30-17:30, Build/Test/Validate 4: To work on tool developments or address unresolved items.

17:30-18:30, Touchpoint 5: Review work session, discuss feedback, results, IG changes (e.g. structure, definitions or terminologies).

19:30-21:00, Build/Test/Validate 5: To work on tool developments or address unresolved items.

21:00-23:00, Build/Test/Validate 6: Review accomplishments and draft report.

22:00-23:00, Wrap UP: Discuss ideas for the next Connectathon (e.g., more international ePI templates; real world scenarios) Close out track.

The Vulcan/Gravitate Health track will be led by
Catherine Chronaki, HL7 Europe, Gravitate Health use case mentor, and
Craig Anderson, Track Lead, Pfizer, technical mentor, labeling

Who is who in the Vulcan/Gravitate Health ePI track Craig Anderson, Track Lead, Pfizer, technical mentor, labeling Amy Cramer, Vulcan Co-Lead, Pfizer Anne Moen, Gravitate Health Coordinator, use case mentor, Jens Kristian Villandsen, Trifork, Gravitate Health, technical mentor Petter Hurlen, MD, PhD, Gravitate Health, technical/clinical mentor Esther Peelen, NICTIZ, Unicom Project liaison Giorgio Cangioli, HL7 Europe, HL7 FHIR IPS mentor Rob Hausam, HL7 FHIR IPS mentor Gustavo Rodriguez, EMA, ePI standard technical mentor, Achilleas Voutsas, EMA, ePI standard technical mentor Philippe Michiels, Datapharm, ePI technical mentor Evinn Drysys, AEMPS, ePI technical mentor Catherine Chronaki, HL7 Europe, Gravitate Health use case mentor Michael van Campen, Vulcan Project Manager Beverly Buckta, Pfizer, Gravitate Health use case mentor

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