HIMSS Europe
Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society

HIMSS Europe, Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) is the European arm of HIMSS, the largest not-for-profit health IT membership organisation in the world. It is a one-stop-organisation for all health IT-related information, knowledge and advice. HIMSS Europe and PCHA are actively involved in EU level policy circles, including eHealth Stakeholder Group. Both groups support companies in their engagement with policy makers.

Over the last years, HIMSS Europe has been promoting activities to local stakeholders –in Europe we have around 39,000 professional contacts, by establishing and mentoring local interest groups, and has a footprint in almost every member state of the EU. Within HIMSS, there are multiple layers of networks and collaborators working together globally as well as at regional level including:
Health 2.0: entrepreneurs, developers and end users engaged in the most leading-edge technologies with that of clinicians, IT professionals, executives, policy leaders and other health IT stakeholders to empower and enable people to live healthier lives.
Personal Connected Health Alliance (PCHA): multi stakeholder collaboration to advance patient/consumer-centred health, wellness, and disease prevention and support the development of the Continua Design Guidelines.

Our tasks
in the project
We will support on legal, regulatory, and ethical issues of the platform across various sections of the Project; we will enable multi-stakeholder engagement with special focus on public-private capacity building, and dissemination and communication using the Project’s multiple media platforms and events. Additionally, HIMMS is further participating at the Steering Committee level via the Ethical/Legal Coordination Lead role.

Our contribution to the project

1We provide expertise on the application of EU policy including data protection and security of the use of health IT, and wider EU research policy.

2We organise European eHealth events, with education sessions, exhibition, networking, and Interoperability Showcase, bringing together healthcare IT professionals with leading digital health stakeholders.

3We bring HIMSS Europe Media services with a portfolio of digital media titles online, with quality content on health and care IT, and a network of international journalists.


We participated in projects such as EuroCas (European eHealth conformity testing) an Antilope project on European eHealth interoperability, and organised HIMSS and Health 2.0 Conference in Europe 2019 with 3000 healthcare IT professionals.

HIMSS Interoperability Showcase

Address: Bertha-Benz-Straße 5, 10557 Berlin, Deutschland
e-mail: Elinaz.Mahdavy@himss.org