Founded with a mission to make the world’s information universally reliable.
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Guardtime OÜ is a system engineering company, with deep experience in data-centric cyber security solutions and heavily engaged in R&D in hash-based cryptography.

Guardtime‘s core technology ―KSI Blockchain®― is designed to provide massively scalable digital signature-based authentication for electronic data, machines and humans.

Established in 2007 in Estonia, Guardtime‘s largest office with its core R&D division and development teams are located in Tallinn (EE) and Tartu (EE). With over 40 patents filed and more pending, we have a proven track record in transforming foundational research into practical solutions. We provide data-centric cyber security solutions for verticals such as governance, healthcare, insurance telecommunications, energy and defence around the world. In the healthcare domain, Guardtime partnered with the Estonian eHealth Foundation in February 2016 to accelerate the adoption of blockchain-based transparency and auditable lifecycle management for patient records.

Our tasks
in the project
Guardtime will be active in WP3 (to build the G-lens platform) and WP5 (to bring all components together), and mainly involved as a developer and blockchain technology provider, leading the task related with Secured Data sharing & Trusted Ledger based Transactions Component.

Our contribution to the project

Guardtime has a successful experience with providing innovation in the healthcare sector. Guardtime and the Estonian Biobank partnership to deploy Guardtime Helium, the world’s first, comprehensive, blockchain-backed data access and governance product for medical data. Also, among others, KSI blockchain integration for X-Road, the data exchange platform for Estonian public organisations; KSI blockchain integration for the Estonian eHealth system; KSI blockchain integration for the Estonian Succession Registry.

Guardtime is engaged in numerous international research and innovation projects funded by the EC (Horizon 2020) and the European Space Agency, such as: PRIViLEDGE (as coordinator) aiming to develop cryptographic protocols enabling privacy, anonymity, and efficient decentralised consensus for distributed ledgers and blockchains. CRITICAL CHAINS aiming to tackle illicit transactions by creating a holistic and adaptable framework, including end users and financial authorities in an innovative triangular accountability model.

Address: A. H. Tammsaare tee 60, Tallinn, 11316, Estonia