Shared Services of the Ministry of Health (SPMS)
More Sharing, Better Health – Mais Partilha, Melhor Saúde

SPMS aim is to provide shared services in the areas of purchasing and logistics, financial services, human resources and ICT to organisations operating specifically in the area of health, in order to “centralise, optimise and rationalise” the procurement of goods and services within the NHS. SPMS is the national authority in eHealth cooperation matters and represents Portugal in the eHealth Network.

As a Public Business Entity, SPMS has 3 major functions: the Portuguese Health Ministry Central Purchasing, the National IT authority, and the Portuguese representative for eHealth cross-border affairs. SPMS aims to not only cooperate, share knowledge, and information, but also to develop activities for providing services in the areas of health information and communications systems and technologies ensuring that all information is available in the best way for all citizens.

SPMS offers the following services:

  • eProcurement centre
  • ICT’s services
  • Mobile applications (e.g., mySNS Carteira, PEM, Trace COVID-19)
  • Monitorisation and Controlling
  • Telehealth (e.g. Telehealth National Centre)
  • EU Cross-borders Services (e.g., myHealth@eu, x-eHealth projects)
  • Health information Ecosystem Strategy (e.g., ENESIS strategy)
  • Training Academy
Our tasks
in the project
SPMS will contribute with a testing scenario related to patients with Type 2 Diabetes in primary care, ePrescription and real time information to patients using the G-lens. SPMS will be an active member in WP1, WP4, WP6 and WP8, involving user needs identification, end-user tools, evaluation, and governance. SPMS will also contribute with insights from the national health system perspective and dissemination of project results in WP2 and WP8.

Our contribution to the project

1Portugal testing scenario related with patients with Type 2 Diabetes using G-Lens and National platforms.

2Sharing of knowledge and expertise

3Portuguese representative for eHealth matters

myHealth@EU is an infrastructure that ensures continuity of health care for European citizens traveling in the EU. Member States (MS) are able to facilitate interoperability in the exchange of patient health information, with consent, to healthcare professionals, contributing to patient safety. SPMS is exchanging Patient Summary and ePrescription/eDispensation with different MS.

Patient Journey @ EU

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