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Our tasks
in the project

As Coordinator, University of Oslo is responsible for all project management activities, and works closely with the Public, EFPIA and IMI2 associated partners for overall coordination and execution of the Gravitate Health project. We also contribute across all WPs and will contribute to develop use-cases and personas, as well as oversee the testing activities in the proof-of-concept scenarios.

Our contribution to the project

Our experience from:

– research studies linked to digital health aimed at developing a citizen-centered digital tool that enables the patient/citizen to utilize their health information in a structured, understandable, accessible and active way (CAPABLE),
– a tablet-based app and accompanying services to postpone undernutrition and associated health problems leading to dependency and increased care requirements (APPETITUS)
– our UiO: eCollab research laboratory for researchers to explore and test practices where physicians, nurses and other health professions develop multidisciplinary teams and collaborate with patients, their next of kin, and HCPs.

We have designed and deployed citizen-centered solutions for medication management and nutrition to promote safe medication use, prevent undernutrition and stimulate empowerment and digital health literacy.
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