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Trifork has been a pioneer in digital healthcare for several decades. We have developed award-winning systems that can be considered the backbone of the Danish healthcare system. Trifork develops digital healthcare ecosystems, nationwide infrastructures and user-friendly clinical systems without compromising patient data, privacy and security.

By combining deep industry knowledge from the most experienced developers and in-house healthcare professionals, Trifork truly brings new digital healthcare solutions to market in an industry where digitalisation and patient empowerment are key factors. For more than 12 years, Trifork and the Danish Health Data Authority have developed, operated and continuously improved the Shared Medication Record (FMK), a cross-sectoral infrastructure with 43 different system integrations, which gives both the patient and all healthcare professionals access to all administered and prescribed medications. Two of these are the Trifork-build systems the Danish Vaccination Register, which proved important during Covid-19 vaccinations, and the nationwide app Medication Record, where patients have access to an overview of their own medications, package leaflets and prescriptions in a secure system.
Our tasks
in the project

Denmark has a well-established digital healthcare infrastructure with source-of-truth systems in 1: the Shared Medication Record (FMK), which gives both the patient and all health care sectors access to all administered and prescribed medicine, for 2: all leaflet information and with 3: the Medication Record app, which contains digital patient records including diagnoses, detailed treatment information and journals.
With Trifork’s intensive knowledge of these systems, Trifork’s task in the Gravitate Health project is to assess feasibility of integration and interaction with the existing Danish digital ecosystem in order to test and apply the G-Lens functionality.

Our contribution to the project

1Clinical decision support regarding medication and drug-drug interactions

2The opportunity to test and apply the G-Lens functionality in a well-established digital healthcare ecosystem

3Deep technical knowledge applied in the digital healthcare domain


“Trifork and the Danish Health Data Authority have had a long, strategic collaboration focusing on ongoing measures that strengthen both current operational stability, performance, security and business needs across national and local systems involved in the Shared Medication Record landscape.”

Lisbeth Nielsen, Director, Danish Health Data Authority


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