The Synergist
We build partnerships.

The Synergist is a social venture that addresses a growing societal need for collaboration by building partnerships to accelerate social impact. We are based in Brussels.

With an independent, neutral approach, the Synergist brings together the right people, organizations, and institutions to focus on solving societal issues both personally and with technology. We believe collective action is the most untapped source of progress on societal issues and therefore foster an organized and collaborative environment that enables collective impact. We believe in mutual collaboration and community, in joining forces and in building synergies to deliver on the challenges we face.

As of December 31st, 2019, The Synergist has more than 9,000 members engaged in our ecosystem and 145 partners. The Synergist has raised over €8.53 million in funding, leading to a positive social impact.

Our tasks
in the project
The Synergist will be active in stakeholder engagement for elicitation of user requirements for the G-lens, and dissemination and training in WP1 (listening) and WP2 (engagement), leading specific tasks.

Our contribution to the project

1our expertise and experience in meaningful stakeholder engagement, communications and sustainability.

2our established and well-connected network of experts and tools / platforms we have built to support and foster stakeholder engagement, like the Synapse mapping tools.

The Synergist participates in projects such as: Share4Rare (H2020): a collective online platform for rare disease patients and their families, where patients and families are in direct contact with researchers and clinicians to become researchers of their own disease. PARADIGM (IMI): Patients Active in Research and Dialogs for an improved Generation of Medicine, a project to advance meaningful patient engagement in the lifecycle of medicines for better health outcomes.
Address: Avenue Louise, 231, 1050 Brussels Belgium