MINDVIEW Business Consulting & Research Ltd
Strategic thinking and planning is our work!

We are a service providing consultancy in the wider healthcare sector, marketing, market research, communication, publishing & event organisation; we focus on (1) health and health services policies; (2) health education aiming at improving health literacy for all; (3) digital transformation with the vision to promote digital health integration for empowered citizens, and (4) digital innovation for a sustainable growth.

We provide services for private companies, local or multinational, and for non-profit and public agencies with a focus on the healthcare and wellness sector. We develop communication material both in printed and digital form and manage media relations. Qualitative market research (focus groups, in depth interviews, consensus panels) and quantitative market research (online surveys) are used to serve our projects.

We initiated eHealth Forum on a mission to involve all stakeholders to engage with digital technology in health and medicine and use HACKATHON as a working tool for collaborative work for diverse stakeholder groups, including patients, active citizens, health professionals, researchers, SMEs, industry and thus, effectively accelerate innovation, build disruptive breakthrough solutions and address multi-variable pain points in health.

Our tasks
in the project

As a medical information & communication expert, we are member of the engagement & capacity building team of all stakeholders, the public as well as patient and end-users. We co-lead the engagement of the general public, health professionals, SMEs & private industry beyond the consortium. We will contribute to the validation support, develop the Gravitate Health website, communication tools and social media presence.

Our contribution to the project

1Our strength is to connect different stakeholders to work together and create value.

2Design & organise scientific conventions, conferences, events, workshops, advisories, market research, all types of printed & digital communication material to address different audiences according to needs in the health sector.

We have successfully organised Hackathons and virtual Hackathons. We also have designed & organised a large range of events and conferences.

Hacking Health Athens Hackathon, 8-10/2/2019

MIT Hacking Medicine Athens Hackathon, 22-24/2/2019

Panhellenic Congress on Health Economics & Policy 2020 – Online

2nd Scientific Summit on Tobacco Harm Reduction: Novel Products, Research & Policy 2019

Address: 59 Mousson St., Athens, Greece
e-mail: info@mind-view.gr