Norsk e-helse AS
Norwegian e-health

Norsk e-helse AS (Norwegian e-health) was established in 2014. The core of the company (SME) are senior IT experts with experience from the field for more than 30 years.

Our team developed the hospital system DocuLive EPR, now marketed by Cerner. The product was for a long-time market leader in Norway and deployed in several countries. It is still being used in several hospitals, and
Norsk e-Helse AS is responsible for the systems support.
Norsk e-helse constitutes now the core development team in the CAPABLE project, funded in part by the Norwegian research council. The company offers its generic data storage platform and has implemented a medication module for patient interaction and citizen sharing, based on the HL7 FHIR® platform. This approach resulted in the Trillium II prize, awarded to the CAPABLE project during HIMSS in Helsinki 2019.

Our tasks
in the project
Technology development in building the G-lens platform (WP3); in relation to end-user tools (WP4) and bringing all components together (WP5), EHR development expertise and interoperability – FHIR®, and support the testing scenario on context (sensitive product information in the comprehensive medication list) in WP6―the project section about evaluation.

Our contribution to the project

1Our experience in the utilization of ICT in healthcare, focusing on safe and secure storage of data, and user-friendly access, all with the highest level of information security.

2Our extensible insight into how properties of advanced clinical systems could be adapted to the needs of the public, offering the same generic properties as advanced clinical systems.

3Our experience from the thorough study and development of an SQL database comprising the full HL7 FHIR® 4.0 Medication Request resource.

“My health data”, a cloud-based generic platform for health data storage and deployment. CAPABLE project, a Research / Innovation publicly funded project to explore citizen-oriented solutions to manage own health information.
Address: Dronning Eufemias gate 6, 0191 Oslo