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Gravitate Health Presence at CAC - RA Symposium

Gravitate Health was presented at the First Central American and Caribbean Symposium on Regulatory and Pharmacovigilance Issues on Feb. 24th 2022.

As public and private members of the Gravitate Health consortium and representing an EU national competent authority (Spain) and a Pharma Industry perspective, Evinn Drusys and Ronnie Mundair respectively were invited to present at the ‘First Central America and Caribbean Symposium on Regulatory and Pharmacovigilance Issues’ in February 2022. This invitation asked them to share information about this key IMI project in the EU and essentially what it hoped to deliver for patients both within and outside of the EU. Ronnie also shared a global update on the status of e-labeling. Attendees were encouraged to follow Gravitate Health on Twitter, LinkedIn, and sign up to the newsletter. This type of communication is key for markets outside of the EU so they can envision and also work towards the future needs of their citizens.

Concluding the presentation “The Global ePI Landscape…the start of a journey towards Health Literacy” from the industry perspective, Ronnie Mundair pointed out what actions stakeholders could take:

  • Bring #Equity of faster, more up-to date HCP- and Patient-centric Product Information to local citizens in their own country in an easy way.
  • Support HCP to make decisions based on the most up to date benefit/risk information for their patients.
  • Ensure harmonization of approach globally and regionally (esp. technically)
  • Work together to co-create the right approach and road maps for the region/market.
  • Enhance health literacy esp. for patients reading & trying to understand the patient information.

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