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User advisory group formed

A call for interest regarding representatives for a User Advisory Group for the Gravitate Health Project closed on 12 February 2021. Over 4 weeks, interested individuals could submit applications.

The User Advisory Group will inform Gravitate Health activities from a user perspective (patients/patient representatives, citizens/consumers, and healthcare professionals) and identify mechanisms for meaningful patient and public involvement and input throughout the project. Multi-stakeholder engagement lies at the heart of Gravitate Health activities and will be key to the success of this project.

The User Advisory Group will consist of maximum 20 individuals (10 patients/patient representatives, 5 citizens/consumers, 5 healthcare professionals) from a diverse range of age groups, genders, and geographical origins; the UAG will also cover a variety of disease areas (as far as patients and HCPs are concerned).

Participants will be 18 years of age and older. Members of the UAG, preferably have a strong interest in Digital Health, while being proficient in the topic is not necessary; finally, their role may require travel (depending on public health restrictions). The members of the group will attend several meetings, such as the Gravitate Health project’s Annual General meetings; the induction meeting (online) at the end of February; eLearning activities (both offline and online ones) between March and September 2021, and stakeholder meetings.

Applications are being evaluated by two staff members of the European Patient Forum―the Project Partner responsible for recruitment.

The group will play a major role in identifying and understanding the key user needs of the Gravitate Lens (G-Lens) platform that will be developed during the project and will contribute to validate the tools.

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