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Gravitate Health Year 1 Deliverables

As the first year of Gravitate Health Project has concluded, a great opportunity presents, to share the Deliverables of 2020-2021.
Work Package 1 have almost completed their tasks, which are key to the success of the Project. WP1 had the overarching aim “to identify user needs, collect, and prioritize needs to feed the development of the Gravitate Health platform and G-lens services.” Here are the deliverables:

D1.1 User requirements: The results of the Task 1.1 activities provide important insight into the needs of the primary end-users and the stakeholders of the G-Lens. These user requirements were intended to support the subsequent tasks in WP1 and other WPs in the Gravitate Health project, and may be further expanded on, to design and build the functionalities of the G-Lens. View & download D1.1

D1.2 Personas: The Personas reflect this continuous journey patients embark on in interaction with their healthcare. The Service Design Blueprint Model as presented in this document, will be the suggested starting point for task 4.1 for G-Lens end-user mock-ups. View & download D1.2

The role of Work Package 8 is coordination and governance throughout the Project, as well as monitoring the dissemination, communication, and stakeholder engagement activities.

First year WP8 deliverables provided Plans for Quality Management and Communication, but also the Project’s Visual Identity and guidelines for its use. Find the Deliverables below:

D8.1 Quality Management Plan (QMP) outlines the Project’s organizational structures, governance model, management procedures, internal quality processes and collaboration platforms/tools that have been defined in order to enable the consortium to work effectively and deliver on its objectives. View & download D8.1

D8.2 Visual Identity: The Project visual identity is presented with the purpose to publicise and promote the project and its activities and help create a community, to assist the realisation of its mission. View & download D8.2

D8.11 Communication Plan: It provides an overview of the plans, objectives, methods and tools to be implemented and a handy guideline to secure smooth interaction between the Task 8.3 team (Communication-Dissemination) and the rest of partners. View & download D8.11 

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