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Gravitate Health Webinar Ahead of HL7 FHIR Connecthathon 34 in Phoenix

Healthcare implementers, developers, and FHIR enthusiasts participated in a virtual webinar on the ePI track on September 5th, that Gravitate Health organised ahead of the HL7 Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR®) Connectathon held in Phoenix, (September 9 – 10th, 2023).

HL7 FHIR Connectathons are renowned for their hands-on FHIR development and testing, fostering technical discussions, and advancing the FHIR specification. During these events, participants have the opportunity to collaborate with FHIR developers and senior members of the FHIR standards development team, exchanging insights and driving innovative solutions.

Vulcan/Gravitate Health - ePI/IPS and SPL-FHIR Track:

This track is the latest in an ongoing series, spanning multiple Connectathons, to test the creation, exchange and display of electronic Product information (ePI) and the International Patient Summary (IPS).

Each phase strives to make a more robust and implementable FHIR solution for electronic medicinal product information.

In this series, SPL on FHIR, UNICOM, and GIDWG scenarios for the implementation of the ISO IDMP standards for the Identification of Medicinal Product (IDMP) were incorporated into the testing plan. 

Track Objective was to test and gather feedback on the following:

  1. Test scenario #1: Confirm how to make connections between the Vulcan ePI and SPL-FHIR by manually transforming an ePI to a SPL-FHIR.
  2. Test scenario #2: A patient travels from Europe to US and has to find the similar US medicinal product to their European prescription.
  3. Test scenario #3: A patient travels from Japan to US and has to find the similar US medicinal product to their European prescription.
  4. Test scenario #4: Incorporate IDMP identifiers into the ePIs to facilitate international connections. Focus on the PhPID generation; lookup and usage; and matching identifiers cross-border to support the relevant test scenarios above.

Engage with the Experts

Track leads for this innovative initiative include Craig Anderson and Catherine Chronaki from Gravitate Health/Vulcan, and Scott Gordon from the US FDA.

In this virtual webinar Joao Almeida, a Gravitate Health member and Chair of HL7  Portugal, introduced the Gravitate Health – ePI/IPS and SPL-FHIR Track of the HL7 Vulcan Accelerator and presented the track’s goals ahead of the Phoenix Connectathon.

The presentation and the recording of this webinar are available here:

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