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The contribution of Real World Data (RWD) to clinical research is accelerating across Europe. Building on results of public-private projects co-financed by the pharmaceutical industry and the European Commission (the IMI programs), hospital EHRs are being queried to help optimize clinical trial design, assist in recruitment and reduce duplication of data entry into EDC systems. RWD is also being used to generate regulatory-grade evidence for decision making. In parallel, Europe is investing in federated big health data infrastructures to scale up insight generation for the benefit of the whole health and research community. These trusting uses of RWD critically depend upon the eSource robustness of hospital EHR systems and the quality of the EHR data.

The European Institute for Innovation through Health Data (i~HD) is working with industry and hospitals to develop assessment tools to verify this regulatory-grade quality, and to support hospitals with improving their readiness to support greater learning.

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