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Technology Community Meeting: ePI – Solving Challenges Together

The fifth Technology Community Meeting by Gravitate Health and HL7 Vulcan Accelerator was held on November 20th.

In an effort to address the critical challenges surrounding Electronic Product Information (ePI), our fifth Technology Community Meeting titled “ePI – Solving Challenges Together” took place in November 20th. The engaging event provided valuable insights into the world of ePI and how it can transform the healthcare landscape.

Webinar topics and scopes:

  1. E2E ePI Process Overview: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the end-to-end ePI process. Explore its intricacies and its potential to enhance the healthcare industry.
  2. Solving the Upstream and Downstream Challenges of ePI (Interactive): Participate in an interactive discussion that focuses on identifying and solving the challenges associated with ePI. Your input and insights are valuable in addressing these critical issues.
  3. Upskilling for ePI (Interactive): Discover the skills and knowledge necessary for effective ePI implementation. Engage in interactive sessions to upskill and prepare for the future of healthcare.
  4. Gravitate Health Hackathon #1: Learn about the exciting Gravitate Health Hackathon to be held in January 2024, where innovation and collaboration come together to create solutions for the healthcare industry. (Click on the title to view the presentation.)

This webinar was an opportunity to connect with experts and peers in the field, share your insights, and gain valuable knowledge about ePI.

We believe that by working together, we can overcome the challenges and unlock the potential of ePI in healthcare.

View the video recording here: 

Don’t miss this chance to be a part of the solution. Join us at this series of interactive and insightful discussions on the future of ePI in healthcare.

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