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The Gravitate Health Effect: Shaping Personalized Healthcare via Data Interoperability

Gravitate Health, in partnership with consortium member HIMSS, is preparing to present a captivating, person-centered demonstration at the 2024 European Interoperability Showcase during the HIMSS24 Europe event in Rome, next May, 29-31.

The demonstration is perfectly aligned with a concerted effort to highlight “Ensuring interoperability” as the core approach of the European Health Data Space (EHDS) regulation, as in March 2024, a significant development for digital health in Europe, the Council of the EU and the European Parliament was reached, namely the provisional agreement on the European Health Data Space (EHDS) regulation. This landmark deal is set to enhance the quality of patient care across the European Union by facilitating the exchange of digital health information, bolstering scientific research, and creating a unified digital health market.


The 2024 European Interoperability Showcase is set to highlight innovative technologies that are at the forefront of achieving the EU’s visionary objective: to fully leverage health data to enhance patient care and the efficiency of healthcare systems. By focusing on services and activities that foster improved health outcomes, the showcase emphasizes the importance of standards-based, interoperable health information technology systems, platforms, and frameworks.
Gravitate Health is pioneering the use of medication data to personalize care, demonstrating how printed patient information leaflets for medication can be replaced by tailored, personalized information. By enhancing accessibility and interoperability, we’re setting the stage for a future where everyone can easily access the health information they need. Join us in shaping this accessible, personalized healthcare journey,” said Joao Almeida, Product Owner at Gravitate Health Project.

The 2024 European Interoperability Showcase is designed as a premier platform for vendors and EU projects, to present their solutions within a person-centered context to various stakeholders. These include government agencies, health ministries, market suppliers, non-profit entities, insurance payers, healthcare providers, academic institutions, health information exchange groups, organizations focused on standards development and profiling, and consulting companies.

What Attendees Can Look Forward To

  • Experience firsthand the transformative effect of G-lens® on the patient journey. Through interactive demonstrations set in real-world clinical scenarios, attendees will immerse themselves in the personal stories of individuals, offering a unique insight into the patient experience.
  • Deepen your knowledge and understanding of the Gravitate Health initiative and the role of G-lens®. The HIMSS conference will host a series of informative sessions led by subject matter experts discussing cutting-edge topics. Gravitate Health representatives will share their expertise on the latest challenges and advancements and shed light on new possibilities. Attendees will also see how thought leadership is applied in practice, with technology showcasing the seamless exchange of data through interoperability standards.


In a collaborative effort, HIMSS, the EU IMI Gravitate Health project and IHE Catalyst recently conducted an informational session aimed at engaging industry stakeholders. The purpose of this webinar was to collect valuable insights on enhancing the relevance, accessibility, and relatability of the HIMSS 2024 European Interoperability Showcase®. Participants were given the unique chance to contribute to shaping the Interoperability Showcase’s agenda. For those interested, a recording of the session is available:
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About the Conference

The HIMSS 24 European Conference & Exhibition will take place on 29-31 May 2024 at La Nuvola (“The Cloud”), the Roma Convention Center. Rome, Italy. The Interoperability Showcase® runs throughout the conference.

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