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Join Gravitate Health at HIMSS24 Europe

HIMSS, one of Gravitate Health's, consortium members, is organizing its annual large-scale Health Conference & Exhibition titled ‘Creating Tomorrow’s Health’ in Rome, Italy from 29 to 31 May 2024.

HIMSS24 Europe is the premier healthcare technology event on the continent, taking place in Rome from May 29-31, 2024. Organizers anticipate thousands of innovators joining the event to engage in a program rich with community building and focused learning opportunities. You’ll depart with a wealth of new insights and valuable connections!

The conference is organized into specific tracks that align with your areas of interest. We’ll begin by exploring global health challenges, AI, workforce sustainability, digital transformation, and preventative care. Additionally, we’ll delve into digitally enabled care pathways, data and interoperability, and patient empowerment. Choose your focus and be assured that you will learn from some of Europe’s top experts.

View the full agenda and secure your spot at the HIMSS24 Europe Conference:

Gravitate Health’S PARTICIPATION

An agenda and information on key sessions with Gravitate Health presence can be found below (featuring Rome times / CET):


The “Digital Nursing Summit” will be held on the pre-conference day, 29 May, where Professor at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland Catherine McCabe, a Gravitate Health consortium member and task lead in the “evaluation” section, will be among the panelists.

Organized in collaboration with the HIMSS European Nursing Informatics Community and the Italian Nurses Association, the “DigitALL” Nursing Summit promises to share the latest updates on digital progress from across the region. According to International Council of Nursing (ICN) President Pam Cipriano, there is a need for all nurses to be digital health experts in order to maximise the benefits of technologies for patients, and this session is designed to support that goal!

In this interactive workshop, hear from a stellar panel convening expert members of the HIMSS nursing informatics communities from across the region, and stars of the nursing world.

Part One: “Nurses Embracing the Digital Revolution” will delve into the latest digital support of nursing care, EMRs, clinical decision support, care guidelines and comparisons of virtual care delivery across Europe. Sharing insights on how data, AI and innovative technology are being used to improve safety and efficiency in the delivery of care, and to support nurses in reaching vulnerable patients, while advancing health equity. The implications of the ICN International Classification of Nursing Practice (ICNP) and how it could bolster global standardisation of nursing care data will be another key topic.

Part Two: “Supporting Nursing Leadership and Digital Literacy for All” will focus on supporting nurses during the global workforce crisis; leveraging nursing leadership; promoting digital literacy of all nurses and midwives; creating and using digital competency frameworks; and advancing nursing informatics across Europe.
As the organizers believe that the digital revolution should be embraced by all nurses, this summit is open to all.


This unique gathering presents a prime opportunity for EU-funded projects and HIMSS Communities to establish powerful partnerships, share valuable feedback, and gain actionable insights. They will explore the forefront of digital health innovations aimed at empowering citizens and enhancing healthcare outcomes.

This session will spotlight seven groundbreaking EU projects: AI4HealthSec, WARIFA, FLUTE, EDiHTA, Gravitate Health, Label2Enable, and ADLIFE. EU projects bring their unique approaches to addressing current healthcare challenges, leveraging AI, big data, and digital tools to improve patient care, reduce healthcare costs, and ensure the sustainability of healthcare systems. We aim to foster a collaborative environment, uncovering the synergy between these varied EU projects.

Anne Moen, Professor, University of Oslo, Norway; Gravitate Health Coordinator, will be representing the Project at this transformative session with Petra Wilson, Senior Advisor, European Health Policy & EU Affairs, HIMSS, United Kingdom; Gravitate Health Ethical – Legal Lead as moderator.

Join this session where visionaries unite to revolutionize the healthcare ecosystem across the European Union.


The European Commission and Member States are moving from proposal to implementation of the European Health Data Space (EHDS), unlocking the vast potential of the region’s health data for care and research. Despite fierce dispute over critical issues such as citizen opt-out, the Council of the European Union and the European Parliament struck an historic deal in March in the last chance saloon before the parliamentary elections. The devil will now be in the detail as the 27 EU Member States prepare to implement the EHDS regulation.

Experts in this session will be poised to explain key elements of the EHDS agreement, including safeguards around data sharing and member state discretion over the accessibility of specific types of sensitive data for research. The discussion moderated by Petra Wilson, Senior Advisor, European Health Policy & EU Affairs, HIMSS, United Kingdom; Gravitate Health Ethical – Legal Lead, will also cover the value of the EHDS for primary and secondary use of data, implementation challenges, key sticking points, ethics and more.

Hear perspectives from the Belgian Presidency of the Council of the EU, the European Commission, Member States, the WHO, a clinician and EPF’s representative, Gözde Susuzlu Briggs, Senior Program Manager, European Patients’ Forum, Belgium; Gravitate Health WP2 Co-Lead.
There is still a long way to go but the EHDS is entering into a critical new phase – be sure to join this session, aiming to

  • evaluate the key elements of the EHDS provisional agreement including citizen opt-out and sharing sensitive data for secondary use;
  • identify next steps to implementation at a country level and the timeline;
    explore where Member States have discretion to enforce more stringent regulations around accessibility of sensitive data for research;
  • determine the challenges to implementation and how they differ between countries;
  • and take away key learnings on how other countries and healthcare providers are preparing for the EHDS to support your own journey.

SESSION | AI and Equity in Women’s Health | THURSDAY, MAY 30, 2024 | 13:40

Professor Anne Moen, Gravitate Health Coordinator and Catherine Chronaki, Gravitate Health Interoperability Lead, are participating in this women-centered session that will explore the opportunities to closing the women’s health gap utilising AI.

As a recent EU study reports, the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in medicine and healthcare has been praised for the great promise it offers but has also been at the center of heated controversy. On one side AI can benefit future healthcare, increasing the efficiency of clinicians, improving medical diagnosis and treatment, and optimizing the allocation of human and technical resources. On the other side AI in healthcare posed clinical, social and ethical risks: one of them is the risk of bias and increased health inequalities. In fact, systemic human biases often make their way into AI models, including widespread and rooted bias based on sex and gender. Gender is an important social determinant of health, too often with a negative impact in terms of access and appropriateness of care for women. Disparities affect the entire health care sphere i.e., women as patients, but also as doctors and researchers.

Based on World Economic Forum (WEF) data, women spend 25% more of their lives in poor health than men do even though they tend to live longer. Global crisis, such as pandemic or climate change disproportionately affect women and have huge impact on their social and economic opportunities. For every woman diagnosed with health condition four go undiagnosed. Women are underrepresented on clinical trials and medical research leading to suboptimal health care and adverse medical outcomes. The opportunities in closing this health gap are not only of an ethical nature: based on a recent report by McKinsey, closing the women’s health gap could help boost the global economy by $1 Trillion annually by 2040. Doing so will require significant, multistakeholder collaboration including mitigation measures and policy options to minimize the risk of bias in AI and maximize the benefits of medical AI for women.


The 2024 European Interoperability Showcase is set to highlight innovative technologies that are at the forefront of achieving the EU’s visionary objective: to fully leverage health data to enhance patient care and the efficiency of healthcare systems. By focusing on services and activities that foster improved health outcomes, the showcase emphasizes the importance of standards-based, interoperable health information technology systems, platforms, and frameworks.

The 2024 European Interoperability Showcase is designed as a premier platform for vendors and EU projects, to present their solutions within a person-centered context to various stakeholders. These include government agencies, health ministries, market suppliers, non-profit entities, insurance payers, healthcare providers, academic institutions, health information exchange groups, organizations focused on standards development and profiling, and consulting companies.

The Gravitate Health Interoperability Showcase will be demonstrated on the Tech Leadership Stage on May 30 from 14:00 to 15:00.

It will also be featured in the Interoperability Pavilion on May 30 from 12:00 to 13:00 and from 16:00 to 17:00, and on May 31 from 12:30 to 13:30.

Speakers at the Gravitate Health Interoperability Showcase

> Joao Almeida, Tech Lead at HL7 Portugal; Product Owner, Gravitate Health

> Alejandro Medrano, PhD, researcher at Bioengineering at the Telecommunication Engineering Faculty, UPM, Spain; WP3 Co-Lead, Gravitate Health

> Riccardo Leoni, DataWizard, Italy; WP4 Co-lead, Gravitate Health.

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The future of healthcare is in our hands—let’s work together to build a healthier Europe, HIMSS24 Europe

About HIMSS24 Europe

The HIMSS 24 European Conference & Exhibition is in Rome this year, and digital health will be in the spotlight from 29-31 May, 2024. Join Europe’s community of health leaders and get ready to drive change across your entire health system.

The Venue

Nicknamed La Nuvola (“the cloud”), the Roma Convention Center is located in the EUR district in South Rome. Completed in 2016, La Nuvola is one of Rome’s modern architectural wonders and a perfect place to connect with European health leaders and innovators.

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