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5 Key Takeaways from HIMSS 2023: Here’s What’s Next for Gravitate Health

HIMSS, one of Gravitate Health’s Consortium members, organized its annual large-scale Health Conference & Exhibition titled ‘HIMSS23 Europe: Health that Connects + Tech that Cares’ in Lisbon, Portugal from Wednesday 7 to Friday 9 June 2023.

Artificial intelligence, climate change, the workforce crisis, and their implications for healthcare took center stage at the conference, drawing the attention of nearly 2,000 healthcare professionals from 70 countries. The conference program featured 73 sessions and provided a platform for over 160 speakers.

The HIMSS Conference placed significant emphasis on charting novel digital avenues to enhance health equity. The conference also aimed to encompass a wealth of knowledge, expertise and thought leadership in the realm of healthcare digitization. Moreover, attendees had the opportunity to connect with a diverse network of professionals, entrepreneurs, and investors who showcased the latest and most innovative health technology solutions. The conference spotlighted critical global health challenges and solutions, all with the aim of advancing a more resilient and sustainable healthcare future.

Gravitate Health also opened the “European Projects Meet HIMSS Communities/ Pitch & Network Reception,” which attracted 92 attendees from 8 HIMSS Communities. The event highlighted the visionary spirit of European innovation, empowering citizens and enhancing healthcare outcomes through digital technologies

Gravitate Health will contribute to transforming the landscape of patient engagement, empowerment, and health information accessibility as reliable, understandable, and personalized healthcare information is getting increasingly important and sought after.

Anne Moen, Professor, University of Oslo, Norway; Gravitate Health Coordinator

The Gravitate Health consortium held two additional sessions: “Discover your own G-lens! Patients’ and Healthcare professionals’ digital information journey with Gravitate Health” and “Person enabled care in action: engaging patients in the digital experience.” These sessions were attended by 133 professionals. Dr. Vanessa Mendes, International Projects Team Lead at UPRI, SPMS, Portugal; Gravitate Health member, remarked, “the Portuguese scenario assesses Gravitate Health‘s potential within our eHealth ecosystem, prioritizing enhanced patient leaflet access through our national eHealth mobile app. This fosters citizens’ access to reliable information, crucial for public health and disease management. Gravitate Health also tests innovative tools for improved ePI usability and comprehension.”
Unveiling HIMSS 2023's Impact: 5 Key Insights Shaping the Future of Gravitate Health
Empowering Patients with Reliable Information:
Providing patients with reliable information is crucial for fostering patient autonomy, enhancing healthcare outcomes, narrowing disparities, and championing patient-centered care. This significant stride advances a more inclusive, informed, and patient-driven healthcare landscape. The conference illuminated the transformative potential of the G-lens, which centers on approved electronic product information (ePI) content. The G-lens empowers patients by granting them direct access to dependable and up-to-date healthcare information, facilitating well-informed decision-making.
Prioritizing Sustainable and Ethical Healthcare:
The HIMSS conference underscored the significance of prioritizing sustainable and ethical healthcare, signifying a dedicated commitment to the well-being of present and future generations. This approach extends beyond individual health, intertwining social responsibility with environmental stewardship to benefit both individuals and our planet. Through the formulation of sustainable and exploitation plans, the Gravitate Health project strives for extensive solution implementation, all while upholding patient privacy and robust data governance practices. This steadfast commitment underscores the project’s dedication to maintaining elevated ethical standards within the healthcare sector.
Innovating through Real-World Testing:
Throughout various conference sessions, healthcare experts stressed the pragmatic value of innovating through real-world testing in healthcare. This approach fosters solutions that are not only effective and evidence-based but also inherently user-centered. It bridges the gap between theory and practice, ensuring that innovations have a meaningful impact on patient care and the healthcare ecosystem as a whole. Through carefully designed Portugal Testing Scenario, Gravitate Health project pilots and evaluates innovative solutions in real-world settings, ensuring their practicality and effectiveness in addressing healthcare challenges.
Elevating the “Patient Voice-Human Touch” Principle:
We recognize that this principle extends far beyond medical treatment, positioning the patient at the heart of care, fostering collaboration, empathy, and patient-driven solutions that ultimately lead to improved healthcare experiences and outcomes. Within the Gravitate Health initiative, all members diligently strive to develop G-Lens as personalized solution tailored to individual patient needs. Gravitate Health consortium ensures that patient preferences and requirements are central to the development of G-Lens, enhancing patient engagement and satisfaction.
Cultivating Collaboration and Interoperability:
Gravitate Health consortium’s vision of creating an interconnected network of healthcare stakeholders and systems facilitates seamless information exchange and collaboration across diverse platforms and technologies, ultimately enhancing healthcare outcomes. This approach resonated with HIMSS Communities and members, as uniting communities and promoting interoperability emerged as a key theme of HIMSS 2023 conference.
What’s next? 

Gravitate Health and HIMSS eagerly anticipate the opportunity to welcome you to HIMSS Europe 2024, which will take place in Rome, Italy 29-31 May 2024, where we will present a Interoperability Showcase.

Please see below the video invitation to HIMSS Europe 2024 from Hal Wolf, CEO of HIMSS and HIMSS Chair of the Board Directors Elena Sini.

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