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An Exciting ePI Technology Community Meeting Kicked off a New Series of Events

Gravitate Health held a special ePI Technology Community meeting on Thursday, June 27th, which showcased "Introducing G-lens: A System That Enables Updated, Personalized, and Extended Digital Leaflets." The event marked the re-launch of our series of virtual meetings organized by Gravitate Health and supported by the HL7 FHIR Vulcan Accelerator.

Gravitate Health project offers an exciting opportunity for technology providers to collaborate and contribute to the vision of Gravitate Health to empower patients across Europe with digital tools to improve their health outcomes.

When we embarked with the kick-off of the ‘Technology Community’ last year, our vision was to collaborate and contribute to the vision to achieve >80% electronic product information (ePI) across Europe by 2025. A collaboration of Gravitate Health and HL7 FHIR Vulcan Accelerator that addressed stakeholders with expertise across the breadth of Structured Content Authoring and Conversion tools as well as consumers of ePI; the aim was to create a momentum to drive the technology development to better serve patient needs and personalization to improve their health outcomes.

This new series of events address stakeholders that have expertise across the breadth of preprocessing and AI  to establish a community that can help develop this technology. The structure and delivery means of patient information is changing with digital health platforms and is driven by patient needs and personalization.

Agenda and topics:
  • Welcome and Webinar Guidelines, Ray Grant
    Ray Grant kicked off the meeting with an introduction to the purpose of the webinar and a brief overview of the rules and guidelines for participation.
  • Gravitate Health Overview, Joao Almeida
    Joao Almeida provided a concise overview of Gravitate Health, highlighting our mission and recent developments.
  • Introduction to G-lens: Focusing Mechanism and Demo, Alejandro Medrano
    Alejandro Medrano introduced G-lens, explaining its focusing mechanism and demonstrating its capabilities.
  • Integrating AI into G-lens, Joao Almeida
    Joao Almeida discussed the integration of artificial intelligence into G-lens, enhancing its functionality and user experience.
  • G-lens App Demonstration, Riccardo Leoni
    Riccardo Leoni gave a live demonstration of the G-lens app, showcasing its features and benefits.
  • Q&A and Discussion – Chaired by Ray Grant
    Ray Grant led an interactive Q&A session with the participants and summarized the the topics covered.
video recording available

View the recording of the webinar on Gravitate Health‘s YouTube channel below.

As important questions were raised by participants during this meeting, a Q & A report will be posted here soon.

We look forward to your participation and the opportunity to share the innovative advancements of G-lens with you in the next meeting. Don’t miss this chance to connect with industry experts and explore the future of digital leaflets.

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