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A summary of EuroVulcan Conference & Connectathon

The first Vulcan European meeting was held in Paris on March 14 to 15.

For Vulcan―the HL7 FHIR accelerator for clinical research―and Gravitate Health, the recent EuroVulcan meeting has been another junction in the quest to fulfil our promise to patients and informal caregivers, for a G-lens that can unlock the information in the Electronic Health Record, patient summaries, and electronic Product Information (ePI) for medicines.

EuroVulcan brought together different stakeholders that are contributing to the enhancement of FHIR interoperability standards. Among them, Gravitate Health project and HL7 Vulcan Accelerator on HL7 FHIR set a great example of collaboration in standards that transforming clinical care and self-care.

Just prior to the EuroVulcan conference, the HL7 FHIR ePI Implementation Guide was approved ― an important milestone for Gravitate Health. To build on this development, the technical teams of Datawizzard and UPM met in Paris with HL7 Europe and AEMPS. In just two days, starting with the EuroVulcan Connectathon and continuing with dedicated meetings. “We made strides in understanding how to connect the digital health apps with the Gravitate Health Federated Open Source Platform (FOSP) to retrieve EHR patient summaries (IPS) and ePIs.”, Catherine Chronaki said.

Excitement was in the air, as thanks to Joao Almeida and Datawizzard’s participants in the Connectathon were able to retrieve parts of the IPS of Mathilde, one of the Gravitate Health personas.

In an effort to engage the industry for further development, a series of meetings with Content and Technology Vendors engaged in eLabeling was initiated. (read more on the Technology Community Event Kick off).

Some of these vendors already attended Vulcan and presented their plans for implementing ePI, aligning with the strategy of the European Medicines Agency, who was there presenting their own MVP of an authoring tool, which soon will be able to directly consume ePIs in FHIR.

The next stop in the journey of Gravitate Health technical team is Rome, where we will continue the discussion about G-lenses and the associated marketplace.

This will also be a warmup for the HL7 FHIR Connectathon in Louisiana in the beginning of May, the Gravitate Health Hackathon at MIE2023 in Gothenburg, Sweden, and the HIMSS European Conference in June, all part of only the short-term plan of Gravitate Health to realize our mission and have 80% of ePIs and G-lens ready by 2025.

About DIA Europe 2023

The 35th anniversary edition of DIA Europe will take place from 22-24 March 2023 in Basel’s Congress Center, Switzerland. DIA Europe is the largest neutral event in the European life science industry – the knowledge hub between science, healthcare, and regulation.

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