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Exploring the Impact of the Gravitate Health Project: Insights from Estonia's Ecosystem at the Paide Opinion Festival

Earlier this month, the Gravitate Health Estonian Ecosystem (Connected Health Cluster) took part in an event at the Paide Opinion Festival hosted for citizens, healthcare specialists, health innovation specialists, health tech company representatives and politicians.

The Connected Health Cluster of Estonia is one of eleven participating global ecosystems within Gravitate Health. As part of their involvement in the project, each of the ecosystems is hosting or engaging in meaningful events to highlight what Gravitate Health is and what it means for the world of digital health.

The session invited listeners to a thought-provoking discussion, where roles were swapped for a day – Citizen/patient. The aim was to uncover barriers to innovation and explore actionable steps for introducing innovative healthcare solutions. As the discussion concluded, their goal was for the patient to metaphorically “prescribe” ideas to the attending parties.

As one of the Best Practice examples shared, Piret Hirv spoke about how ecosystems act as an enabler and used the Gravitate Health project as the example to follow – explaining why ecosystems are important in the context of digital health innovation.

The discussion raised important topics that are relevant both in Estonia but also internationally. Both the public and private sectors need to take responsibility for innovations in healthcare, and how ecosystems play an essential role. We need to use technology to bring innovation closer to people but healthcare also needs other additional measures and funds. The ecosystem is an enabler bringing the public and the private sector together and different EU projects make discussions and workshops between stakeholders possible. Gravitate Health is one good example to start discussions on how to bring innovation to healthcare quicker. It is necessary that every individual participate actively in his/her health behaviour and would have control over their own health.

The event was both onsite and online, with approximately 40-50 people present on-site, with the audience being very responsive and active in the discussion. The event was shared also by Postimees, one of the biggest news portals in Estonia.

You can check out the recording of the event here  (Timestamp: 1:55:00). Please note the recording is only available in Estonian.

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