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User Advisory Group Members: 2nd Call

European Patients Forum, a Gravitate Health partner, is pleased to announce the 2nd call for representatives for a User Advisory Group (UAG) for the Project.

The UAG reviews and advises on the Gravitate Health activities from a user perspective and identifies mechanisms for meaningful patient and public involvement and input throughout the project. We believe multi-stakeholder engagement at the heart of Gravitate Health activities will be key to the success of this project.

Deadline for applications: 6 December 2021 (17:00 CET).

Timeline and Selection Process

The call is open from 5 November 2021 to 10 December 2021 to submit your applications. Applications will be evaluated by two EPF staff. Applicants can expect a reply within one week after the closing date of the call.

Important Dates

  • 10 December 2021 – close of the call
  • January 2022 – induction call with the selected UAG members

About the User Advisory Group

We currently have 14 members of very active representatives in our group. We are looking to have a group of maximum 20 individuals in total (10 Patients/Patient Representatives, 5 Citizens/Consumers, 5 Healthcare Professionals).
The group is already playing a major role in identifying and understanding the key user needs of the Gravitate Lens (G-Lens) platform that will be developed during the project and will contribute to validate the tools.
The members of the group will attend several meetings:

  • the Gravitate Health project’s Annual General meetings (3 members per year)
  • the induction meeting (online) for the new and the current members (January 2022)
  • 101 online workshops (throughout the project)
  • stakeholder meetings (throughout the project)


We are searching for Patient, Citizen/Consumer and Healthcare Professional representatives from a diverse range of age groups, genders and geographical origins. For Patients and HCPs, we would also focus on the variety of disease areas. All applicants must be 18 years of age and older; representatives don’t need to be proficient in the topic but need to indicate a strong interest in Digital Health.

Application Form and Documents

The application form consists of questions about your personal details (name, country of residence, experience), short questions about your motivation for applying, a declaration of interest, and information on how EPF will process your personal information.

Submit your application form online with attached supporting documents by 6 December 2021 (17:00 CET).  Please do not forget to attach your CV!

Participants will receive compensations during the time of commitment.

Contact Details

If you have any questions about the User Advisory Group or the application, please contact: gozde.susuzlu@eu-patient.eu

Background – Why does Gravitate Health matters for patients?

Currently, patients primarily receive their medicines information in the form of a paper leaflet provided with their medicine.  This can present challenges to access and understanding – as the text may be printed in very small sizes, may not be easily understandable, and may not be up-to-date.

This challenge is further aggravated for patients that are aging, and/ or living with chronic diseases and multiple conditions, which need to adhere to several treatments at the same time, and refer to multiple paper leaflets for different medicines.

Gravitate Health hopes to demonstrate that by making information on medicines more accessible and understandable, patients will be more likely to take their medicines correctly, resulting in better health outcomes and quality of life.

Learn more about Gravitate Health‘s digital information journey here.

Visit the EPF’s microsite to learn more about the organisation’s role in the Project.

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