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Gravitate Health at Health Policy Congress in Greece

The Panhellenic Congress on Economics and Health Policy, the top conference in the field of health sciences and health services research in Greece will be held face to face this year, from December 13 to 15, in Athens.

The 2022 congress is entitled “Sustainability and resilience: Securing the future of health systems”. One of the main themes of the congress is digital transformation and Gravitate Health will be featured in several sessions to serve this goal.

Anne Moen, the Gravitate Health project coordinator, will deliver a lecture entitled “Citizens’ eHealth tools for safer use of medicines, better health outcomes & quality of life” on Tuesday, 13 December, at 13:00-13:30 (local time).

The same day, at 10:00-11:00 in a session entitled “How does EHDS space add to the resilience and sustainability of Health Systems?” lead by the General Secretary of Health Services from the Ministry of Health Ioannis Kotsiopoulos, Petra Wilson, will be also speaking. 

On Wednesday, 14 December, at 14:30-16:00 a session will be devoted to IT tools in medicines policies where ePI & IDMP will be discussed. Giovanna Ferrari, Gravitate Health project lead and Fakhredin Sayed Tabatabaei, Medicines Evaluation Board, Pharmacovigilance Unit, Netherlands, will also contribute to this session which will be led by Elpida Fotiadou, e-Government Center for Social Security (IDIKA) in Greece. UNICOM project will also participate as well as a representative from the National Medicines Organisation of Greece (EOF).

Digital Health Skills & Workforce is one of the thematic workshops, within the framework of CONNECTINGHEALTH, a preparatory action funded by the European Commission that aims to and maximize the value of innovation in the sector of digital health. 

The Workshop by ECHAlliance will also be held on December 14, at 16:00-17:30 hrs, and will explore the opportunities and challenges experienced by the health sector workforce, including a recent pandemic, an aging society with increasing chronic diseases and multimorbidity, and the digitization of information systems. The workshop will address the training and education needs of healthcare workers and propose an agenda for 2030, to work towards resilient health systems that can meet the challenges of the sector and provide safe and equitable access to health. 

More opportunities for Gravitate Health at the Congress on Economics and Health Policy in Athens are still in discussion.

More than 1000 participants participate every year in this congress with significant influence in policies. The congress is organized with the support of many scientific medical associations and institutions and attracts all health sector stakeholders, state organizations, healthcare professionals, payors & regulators, public officials, patients, social, economic, and humanitarian studies scientists, representatives of scientific agencies and universities, public servants, industry, and journalists, and it addresses the healthcare issues in a 360o manner.

There will be simultaneous translation in English for the above sessions, and the possibility to participate online.

Contact the Congress Secretariat here:

Stay tuned to find out more about the agenda for ePI track Phase 4.


Check the agenda, displayed in CEST:

DAY 1: Monday, May 2

13:00-14:30, Kickoff: Presentation of the ePI (Phase 3) track to participants

DAY 2: Tuesday, May 3

14:00-15:00, Touchpoint 1: Discuss sample data and scenario walkthrough.

15:00-18:00, Work offline Session 1: Build/test/validate (teams work on their own, mentors available).

18:00-19:00, Touchpoint 2: Review developments from offline work.

19:00-21:00, Work offline Session 2: Build/test/validate (teams work on their own, mentors available).

21:00-22:00, Touchpoint 3: Recap of first day.

DAY 3: Wednesday, May 4

14:00-15:00, Touchpoint 4: Review plan for the day.

15:30-16:30, Work Offline Session 4: Build/test/validate (teams work on their own, mentors available).

16:30-17:30, Touchpoint 5: Review work session, discuss feedback, results, IG changes.

17:30-19:00, Wrap up session 5.

The Vulcan/Gravitate Health track will be led by
Catherine Chronaki, HL7 Europe, Gravitate Health use case mentor, Craig Anderson, Track Lead, Pfizer, technical mentor, labeling, and Jens Villadsen, Gravitate Health, technical mentor.

Phase 3 plans are still taking shape but here is a preview of what we are planning:

  • new scenario from UNICOM and an EMA search scenario involving a list of ePIs;
  • instances for European, US and Japanese Patient Leaflets; and
  • introduce a first draft of the Vulcan Core ePI profile; i.e., a harmonized foundation for all national and regional structured labels.

Who is who in the Vulcan/Gravitate Health ePI track

Craig Anderson, Track Lead, Pfizer, technical mentor, labeling

Amy Cramer, Vulcan Co-Lead, Pfizer

Anne Moen, Gravitate Health Coordinator, use case mentor,

Jens Kristian Villandsen, Trifork, Gravitate Health, technical mentor

Petter Hurlen, MD, PhD, Gravitate Health, technical/clinical mentor

Esther Peelen, NICTIZ, Unicom Project liaison

Giorgio Cangioli, HL7 Europe, HL7 FHIR IPS mentor

Rob Hausam, HL7 FHIR IPS mentor

Gustavo Rodriguez, EMA, ePI standard technical mentor,

Achilleas Voutsas, EMA, ePI standard technical mentor

Philippe Michiels, Datapharm, ePI technical mentor

Evinn Drysys, AEMPS, ePI technical mentor

Catherine Chronaki, HL7 Europe, Gravitate Health use case mentor

Michael van Campen, Vulcan Project Manager

Beverly Buckta, Pfizer, Gravitate Health use case mentor

More information on the Programme will be available soon at www.healthpolicycongress.gr English page

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