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Gravitate Health: Advancing Innovation and Interoperability at HIMSS24 Europe

HIMSS, a member of the Gravitate Health Consortium, organized its annual large-scale Health Conference & Exhibition titled ‘Creating Tomorrow’s Health,’ in Rome, Italy, from May 29 to 31, 2024.

The 2024 HIMSS European Health Conference and Exhibition, held at the Centro Congressi La Nuvola in Rome, marked a significant milestone for the European digital health community. The conference gathered approximately 2,500 healthcare executives, practitioners, and professionals from 84 countries.

The conference featured 81 sessions and over 289 speakers, showcasing the latest advancements in healthcare technology and fostering critical discussions on the future of digital health in Europe and globally.

The program highlighted digital health solutions and emerging health policies in Europe, with in-depth exploration of topics such as artificial intelligence in healthcare, EHDS, telemedicine, and electronic health records integration.

Over 770 attendees participated in sessions and demonstrations, with 8 speakers from the Gravitate Health consortium involved in 6 sessions and 3 Interoperability Showcase demonstrations.

Focus on prominent topics

Key sessions included ‘EU Projects In Focus,’ ‘Next Steps on Implementing the European Health Data Space,’ ‘EU AI Act – How Can it Pave the Way to Better AI Regulation Globally?’ ‘The FAIR Data Principles, 10 Years On,’ and the Digital Nursing Summit.

The HIMSS24 European Conference proved to be a landmark event, merging the frontiers of technology with the practicalities of healthcare. Over the course of the conference, the sessions mentioned above explored the significant potential of digital health innovations, particularly those emerging from the European Union. These discussions emphasized the integration of artificial intelligence, big data, and digital tools into healthcare systems to enhance patient care and improve the sustainability of healthcare services.

A significant focus was placed on the strategic implementation of these technologies within the European Health Data Space (EHDS), highlighting the importance of robust data governance and the impact of regulatory frameworks on healthcare practices. The conference facilitated a comprehensive understanding of how such regulations influence data usability and patient privacy, ensuring that digital health innovations align with legal standards and ethical considerations.

Gravitate Health’s instrumental role in HIMSS24

Participation in the ‘Digital Transformation Showcase’ was a fantastic opportunity to engage with participants, field questions, and gather suggestions. The event was well-organized, inspiring, and enjoyable.

Gravitate Health representatives played a pivotal role at the conference, engaging in discussions that spanned from technological advancements to policymaking. The project’s involvement brought to light how collaborative efforts and EU initiatives are shaping a more integrated and interoperable healthcare environment across Europe. Discussions also delved into the challenges and opportunities of adopting these technologies, providing actionable insights that participants could take back to their organizations.

Anne Moen, Project Coordinator of Gravitate Health said:

Presenting Gravitate Health at HIMSS24 and interacting with the HIMSS Communities is a valued opportunity to share progress in the project, learn from good interactions and take this into consideration for refinement and final deployment of our value adding services.

Interoperability Showcase: an insightful moment

A highlight of the event was the Gravitate Health Interoperability Showcase, featuring the ‘G-lens’ system, a pioneering solution designed to present personalized patient medication information via the International Patient Summary. Demonstrations showcased how standardized, interoperable health information technology can dramatically enhance healthcare delivery and outcomes. The showcase provided a practical demonstration of real-time data exchange and utilization across various health IT systems, illustrating the critical role of interoperability in improving healthcare services.

Joao Almeida, Product Owner, Gravitate-Health said:

Showcasing Gravitate-Health at HIMSS 2024 was an exceptional experience, emphasizing the importance of interoperability in health technology. Collaborating with diverse companies highlighted the collective effort required to enhance digital health solutions. This event underscored our Gravitate Health’s pivotal role in leveraging the potential of data exchange, ultimately advancing patient care and system efficiency.

Outreach across a wide audience of stakeholders

The HIMSS24 Europe conference served as a unique platform for networking, where stakeholders from various sectors could forge partnerships and share strategies for implementing digital health solutions effectively.

Gozde Susuzlu from the European Patients’ Forum said,

Attending HIMSS2024 represents a significant moment for both me and the European Patients’ Forum. It signifies that the voices of patients are not only being heard but are actively shaping the future of healthcare. Our contributions are begining to transform health systems, ensuring they are more responsive and aligned with the needs of those they serve.

Through its participation, Gravitate Health contributed to shaping the discourse around digital health in Europe, showcasing its commitment to advancing healthcare through innovation and collaboration. The insights gained and the connections made during the conference are expected to drive further advancements in digital health across the region.


Gravitate Health and HIMSS are excited to welcome you to HIMSS25 Europe, taking place in Paris, France, from June 10-12, 2025.

Please see below the video invitation to HIMSS25 in Paris from Hal Wolf, CEO of HIMSS.

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