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Gravitate Health Showcases Advancements in Digital Transformation at DIA Europe 2024

Gravitate Health was part of the Regulatory Operations track at the DIA Europe event from March 12-14, 2024, in Brussels. This track targeted life sciences professionals in regulatory operations, regulatory authorities, and patient advocacy organizations. Professor Anne Moen, Project Coordinator demonstrated Gravitate Health progress and achievements so far at the Digital Transformation Showcase on March 14th. The session was co-chaired by Ronnie Mundair, Pfizer, UK and Gravitate-Health’s WP2 industry co-lead.

Where did we focus on?

In the Digital Transformation showcase, Anne Moen presented examples of developed functionality aimed at facilitating easier access to medicinal product information, enhancing navigation within Electronic Product Information (ePI) sections, and streamlining information focus within the ePI. During the showcase, Anne highlighted two specific examples: the ‘G-lens® app MVP2’ and the integration within ‘Medicinkort,’ the National Medication Card in Denmark. Despite being in an early stage of development, it was exciting to demonstrate that Gravitate Health‘s services use up-to-date regulator-approved product information as a primary source. Additionally, Anne showcased the capability to add value to this information and highlighted the accessibility of Gravitate Health‘s services through existing digital health information solutions and purpose-specific platforms. This underscores Gravitate Health‘s commitment to sustainability and dedication to ensuring the widespread availability of project outputs.

What are The G-lens® app evolving functionalities?

Poster at the DIA Europe 2024 exhibition floor

We also demonstrated the evolving functionality of G-lens® through our G-lens® app including key features such as user age, gender, and patient summary information, as well as accessibility options like language, font size, and dark mode. Demonstrating navigation through the six main sections of the product information leaflet (PIL), Anne showcased the functionality to search within the leaflet and the electronic product information (ePI) using focusing mechanisms based on user interests or health considerations.
For instance, by selecting ‘pregnancy,’ users can activate the ‘pregnancy lens,’ which directs them to relevant sections in the ePI containing information about pregnancy/breastfeeding, highlighted for easy reference. Similarly, users interested in allergy information can apply the ‘allergy lens,’ which navigates them to relevant sections in the ePI. If allergy-related information is not available for the medicine, the PIL will not include such details. Additionally, the option for users to select their preferred language for displaying the information was highlighted.
Anne also demonstrated how G-lens® focusing can be added as a service to the Danish National Medication Card―a well-established national service for Danes―supporting access to medicinal product information for dispensed ‘prescription-only medicines.’ Beginning from the list of dispensed medications and associated details such as pharmacy, product information, strength, dose, and if prescriptions are for multiple dispensations, users can request the information leaflet. Upon requesting the leaflet, users are provided with the opportunity to access and navigate through it, presented in the main six sections, and apply focusing mechanisms or ‘lenses’ using patient summary information, gender, and age to highlight relevant sections. Users also have the option to select leaflets in different languages. 

What did we GAIN?

Participation in the ‘Digital Transformation Showcase’ was a fantastic opportunity to engage with participants, field questions, and gather suggestions. The event was well-organized, inspiring, and enjoyable.

At Gravitate Health, we garnered significant visibility, marking a clear progression in our interactions with the DIA community. Showcasing some of our early development work added tangible substance to discussions on how to best prepare and add value to patients and their support networks. By presenting practical examples, our interactions, ideas, and exchanges became more tangible and actionable.

What was the idea behind the ‘Digital Transformation Showcase’ at the DIA EU Conference?

We know that people in the pharmaceutical sector often hear the buzz words ‘digital transformation’ or ‘digital future’, but they may not have come across genuine practical examples and use cases where technical advancements have been applied or are under active development. They may dismiss evolution in our highly regulated sector and think the ‘digital age’ may be years away or slow to be adopted. Therefore, “we wanted to host a first of its kind digital transformation showcase at DIA. One that would allow us to showcase to participants some keys areas of focus and progress at this time as well as offer an opportunity for them to ‘touch and feel’ some tools that will be at our ‘fingers tips’ very soon and some of the future ‘to be digital tools’”! Ronnie Mundair, member of the Programme Committee for DIA Europe 2024, said. 
Ultimately, the team was able to share awareness with the participants in a format that was easy to understand, enabled excitement to be created, especially around the benefits of the intervention of the digital age and interesting knowledge gain.

What was the feedback?

Anne Moen hosted an interactive, intense rally of 3 x 10 min. demos where participants could witness firsthand the value in the use of ePI as an active knowledge resource for citizens, patients, and their support network! Following a short survey post event, 70% of participants scored 5/5 for the style of the showcase overall. A successful event indeed.

At the conclusion of the event, the closing remarks summarized:

With Gravitate Health we can make a valuable difference to patients, with a personalized ePI in a language of choice.

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