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Technology Community Events – Second meeting

Following a well-attended kick off meeting―with 57 participants―the second Meeting of this series focused on “Open innovation – As technology providers how can we solve the challenges?”

Gravitate Health and HL7 Vulcan accelerator offer an exciting opportunity for content technology platform providers and content consumer to collaborate and contribute to the vision to achieve >80% electronic product information (ePI) across Europe by 2025.

This series of events address stakeholders that have expertise across the breadth of Structured Content Authoring and Conversion tools as well as consumers of ePI.

Driven by patient needs and the value of personalization, digital health platforms are changing how we structure and deliver patient information. The net benefit of this change is that citizens are equipped with relevant health information and feel more empowered in their patient journey.

Technology Community Meeting 2 was held virtually on Monday 15 May 2023, at 14:00 – 15:30 CET.

Meeting 2 presentations are now available in pdf format:

1. Overview of the End-to-End ePI Process

a. Authoring – Industry perspective, Niklas Jaenich, Boehringer-Ingelheim

b. Review – Health Authority perspective, Evinn Drusys, AEMPS/EMA ePI project 

c. Public access – Compendia perspective

2. Next steps (discussion)

The video recording of the meeting is available here:

Your opinion is valuable

The short Mentimeter Survey is closed.

22 participants replied YES to the question whether they are interested in Open Innovation at the survey run during the introductory Technology Community Meeting in March.

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