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Discussion on the use of health data for innovation and recovery

Gravitate Health participates in the Digital Health Society Summit, held virtually on October 4th & 5th. The Summit will focus on the topic “Data & Digital services to support the recovery of health systems across the globe” with participation from 68 countries worldwide.

Dr Giovanna Ferrari, Pfizer, Gravitate Health’s Project Lead, will participate in the discussion on “How do you maximise the use of health data for innovation and recovery?” with representatives from other European funded projects and industry, that will be held virtually on October 4th, 2022, 11:45 – 12:30.

The pandemic has confirmed how updated and high-quality health data is key to shape health policies and provide citizens with tools and medicines that are effective and contribute for their wellbeing. However, we still struggle to access, use and re-use health data. The main challenges encountered in different projects and initiatives are discussed to then focus on practical examples of how to overcome them towards success.


Carina Dantas, Senior International Projects Manager at ECHAlliance


Giovanna Ferrari Ph.D, Pfizer, Regional Labeling Lead at Pfizer and Project Lead for Gravitate Health project

Barbara Di Camillo, Full Professor in Computer Science, Department of Information Engineering at the University of Padova for Brainteaser project

Oscar Zanutto, ISRAA-Fabbrica Europa Coordinator – Faber & Italy, Treviso Health Social Care Innovation Ecosystem. Value Care Project

Nigel Hughes, Scientific Director, Observational Health Data Analytics/Epidemiology, Johnson & Johnson

About DHS

The 4th Annual Digital Health Society Summit (to be held virtually) promotes the latest thought leadership of the DHS, showcases innovation, research, European funded projects and addresses the latest digital and data challenges facing digital health.

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