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A report on Gravitate Health’s participation at DIA Europe

Gravitate Health’s joined the discussions at the DIA Europe Conference in the “Regulatory Operations” track, hosting its own panel session called “Gravitate Health: putting ePI (electronic Product Information) to work in the patient journey to drive better use of medicines”

The project’s participation in this 3-day event underpinned its continued commitment to:

  • Engage with various stakeholders across Europe
  • Gain further holistic insights about electronic Product Information (ePI)
  • Promote Gravitate lens (G-lens), the patient-centred solution being developed by the public/private consortium
A Name to Remember

Throughout the conference, Gravitate Health’s name and its role in health and care was mentioned in multiple occasions. Collaborating Horizon2020 project UNICOM referred to the project as they spoke about health system interoperability via ISO IDMP standards, whilst Inter-association Task Force (EFPIA, AEGES, Medicines for Europe) and IDMP highlighted how Gravitate Health was making it possible to envision a FHIR-based ePI solution for citizens and health systems alike.

As these speakers underscored, the promise of Gravitate Health stems from its many strengths as a project. It has shown great progress in advancing FHIR ePI, for example. Its continual collaboration with HL7 International and the European Medicines Agency inspires confidence that G-lens will fit its end users and their needs.

A Patient’s Perspective, A Human Touch

It became clear across the DIA conference that any proposed solution for patients must listen to and benefit the patients directly. However, considering the patient’s thoughts and experiences should not come after the solution has reached maturity, but instead, from its inception.

Lubos Michalov, a patient who forms part of the Gravitate Health User Advisory Group, reiterated that point as he spoke alongside Anne Moen and Giovanna Ferrari (co-leads for Gravitate-Health), Catherine Chronaki (HL7) and Juan Garcia-Burgos (EMA). Patients, although the end users, are individuals to empower. Co-creation, like that which Gravitate Health is currently promoting and undertaking, fortifies trust and ensures that digital interventions uphold an element of humanity.

What do you think is the value that the digital medicinal product (ePI) leaflet can bring?

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